First of all - what is "Video Cover" ?

Video Cover is covering up areas in the cameras viewing angle, rendering them not visible, in both live view and on the recordings.


Before Video Cover
After Video Cover

When pointing cameras towards neighbouring buildings and public areas. Local law/legislation may demand you to blind out/cover these area, so they won't be recorded or viewed. But it's also a part of CCTV Code of Conduct, or "Best Practise".

Triax can not assist you in these law/legislations, we will only advice you to uphold these law/legislations.

In example, here we have a neighbouring building:

There are several windows and a gate. Now - I only have 4 available "covers" per channel. To cover up all windows and the gate, I will use 2 squares.

To do the setup, go into the "Main Menu" -> "Channel" -> "Basic".

Select the Channel, that you want to edit.

Checkmark the "Encode" box. When this is done, 4 squares will appear. Highligt the amunt, you will use. Here I mark 2.

Click "Set Area" when you are done and ready.

Here I have the 2 squares i wanted. I have a "resize cursor", that I can use to either moveor resizethe squares.

When you are done, right click on the screen to exit. Remember to click "App" to apply the changes.

This is the final result.

Here I am passing by the camera. Please notice, that everything is blocked.

On the recording, it will look like this: