The IPTV-EPG server does NOT support the IGMP protocol.

If using the IPTV-EPG server in a setup using IGMP, it will require the switch port to be setup as member of "Static multicast group" 

In this example using a TP-link switch running the TV multicast on VLAN 1:

The EPG server is connected to switch port ETH5 and the TDX Barkerchannel is

The IP TV's are connected to switch port ETH 6 - 8 and my IP-TV services are multicasted using ->

The multicast info (status) shows me, the EPG server is static joined to and my TV (in this case only 1 TV switched "on") is dynamically joined  to (an IP-TV service)

To summarize:

Make sure the EPG server statically joins the correct multicast on the correct VLAN