When you boot up the NVR, the first time, you will see the "Wizard".

The wizard is a 4 step guide:

                                                Step 1: Help

                                                Step 2: Net

                                                Setp 3: User

                                                Step 4: Smart

Follow these steps, for the initial setup and changing of the "Admin" password.

Step 1: Help

Enter the default password. Do not press Enter - Just click on the black background abow the virtual keyboard (like like the cursor in the screenshot)

Default password : 123456

Click "Next Step"

Step 2: Net

Next step is configuration of the Management of the recorder. Either check of "DHCP" or enter the IP address, that you want to assign to the recorder.

Simply click on the value you want to change - the virtual keyboard will appear.

When you are done - click "Next Step"

Setp 3: User

Next step, is altering the "Admin" password.

Select "admin"

Click "Modify Password"

Type in the default password, in the first

Enter a new password in the "New password" box, and confirm it, in the next. Click on "OK".

Click on "OK" on the next pop up, to confirm the password change.

Click "Next Step" to proceed.

Step 4: Smart

The last step, is deselecting Face detection (smart detect) on channel 1. As default, we don't want to utilise Face Detection.

Toggle the first channel mode, to "None"

Remove the check mark, in the "Activate when reboot" to disable

Remove the check mark, in the "Activate when reboot", to disable the "Wizard" on next boot. Click "Save" and wait.

If the recorder have connection to the internet (Additional internet setup is not a part of this guide), the two connection lines turn green. Click "Exit"


For the changes to take effect, please reboot the recorder. Right click on the screen and select "Main Menu"

Click "Shutdown" -> "System Reboot" and wait.

The box marked with red dotted line, will disappear after the reboot (it's a part of the "Smart Detect" mode.)

After the reboot, you will see this (remember, we haven't connected any cameras yet).