The default IP-address is

If the IP-address has been changed and no one can remember:

  1. There is a micro-USB port on the bottom side of the PCB  pointing “backwards” 
  2. Connect to this and run a Serial terminal(PuTTY or  similar) on your computer
  3. Acess the Linux running on the  server and run an “ifconfig”  (Just hit enter a few times to see if you  connect, and if you get a prompt)
  4. Type ifconfig and enter. It works just like  ipconfig in windows and shows you the IP of the ethernet adaptors.


If this fails, next step will be to get the USB recovery image from the Triax Service website.

Copy the software to the USB memory-stick, Insert the stick and power off and on the EPG-server.

This will automatically upload the operating software.

Doing this, will overwrite/clear the logfile. If that is not an option, the EPG server will have to be returned to Triax.