Note: this manual has been written under assumption that the device has been put to factory reset or was delivered with factory reset. How to do a factory reset you will find at the end of the manual. The network settings are DHCP. If you like to configure it with a static IP please contact the project manager.

1. Switch on device via remote control. Choose Quick Start , click „Start” at the bottom.

2. Choose language with the right arrow button and click "OK" (edit mode).

Select your preferred language and click “Save”.

3. If not "Landscape" but "Portrait" mode is desired select "Rotation" and turn display as wanted.

4. Select Clock and Date (MUST be configured manually).

Click „Done“. Menu will be finished.

5. Press „Settings“ on remote control.

„EZ Setting“ is already selected, move via right arrow button to “SI Server Setting”.


SI Server IP  (let it be)

Port-Nummer (let it be)

Secure Connection: Off

Fully Qualified Domain Name: On
A textarea appears. Enter: http://DOMAINNAME_GIVEN_BY_PROJECT_MANAGER/lg/


IP of Windows Host who has the application “editIT server” (ONSITE Solution): http://IP/lg/

If you have choosen "portrait mode" at the beginning: http://IP/lg/portrait/

Application Launch Mode: Local

Local Application Upgrade: Remote

Application Type: Zip

Auto Set: On

After switching to Application Type: "Zip" and Local Application Upgrade: "Remote"
the following message appears:                   

Click „Confirm“: Message appears: Upgrade complete. Click „OK“.
Attention: if an error message is shown please check network connection or the relevant ports are closed.

6. Switch off device and again on.

A text message appears in the right corner: „Start to upgrade Application“. The device fetches the LG app remotely.

If it is done with success: „Upgrade Complete“

Switch device off and on.

After booting the OpenApp.DS logo appears:

7. Additional Settings.

Factory Reset: Press „Settings“ on remote control. Navigate via arrow button to „Admin“ at the bottom. You won't be able to select the settings right side until you select the button "Off" and turn it to "ON". Enter Pin Code: 0 0 0 0. Click “OK” and move to “Factory Reset”.