This article describes, how you can export recordings from the NVR, from the web interface.

Before you can complete this guide, you must make sure:

  • That you are using Internet Explorer (ie).
  • That you have ActiveX installed.
  • That you have administrator rights of ie.

1. Start Internet Explorer, as an administrator and log in.

2. Navigate to "Playback".

3. Select which channels you wish to export the recordings, by selecting "Cam" in the menu on the left. They will turn blue upon selection.

4. Select the date you wish to export records from.

5. You will now see yellow markings on the timeline below, indicating recordings.

6. On the right side, just above the timelines, you will se a button, when you hover your mouse above it, it will turn blue.

7. Click this button, to get the list of available recordings. You will per default get the recordings from the first selected channel, within 24 hours. You can change the channel in the dropdown box.

8. Click on the "download arrow" next to a recording, to download the specific recording.

9. When the download is done, you will get a notification with a link to the downloaded recording.