This article will describe, how to set up Motion Detection on the recorder.

When setting up Motion Detection (MD), you must be aware of the following:

  • You can only draw 1 area with each colour.
  • You can only draw squares.
  • Each colour have default values for threshold and sensitivity.

Each box you draw, is a trigger area!

As default, when you start to setup MD, the entire screen is marked red, like this:

This means that Motion Detection will be triggered, no matter where it happens, on the screen.

Here I have resized the red area, reduced to a 2 x 7:

Here I'm not triggering the Motion Detection yet...

Only first, when I'm in the red area, Motion is detected.

If I have configured a "Record Plan" and defined it to record only, if motion is detected, I would now have a recording of the entire screen. Similar to this:

Notice: As default, there is pre-recorded 4 sec.

I can repeat this operation 4 times, with 4 colours:

Here I have 4 trigger areas:

I can define both Sensitivity and Threshold for all 4 colours

These settings are individual for each camera you install. 2 similar cameras may need very different settings, because of the placement of the camera.

Therefore you may need to "Test -> Reconfigure -> Test -> Reconfigure etc etc" untill you are satisfied with the result.