To update the TDX/TDH800, follow this guide.

  1. Download the SW4.x software from the website.
  2. Unzip/Extract the software.
  3. Login to the TDX.
  4. Click 'Admin' -> 'System Maintenance'.
  5. Right next to 'Firmware version in use', click 'Change...'
  6. Click 'Upload file' and select the software ('.ck' file).
  7. Mark/Select the software and click 'Set active'.
  8. Select 'Replace all' and click 'Start update'.
  9. Click 'OK', when the update is done.
  10. Press 'Restart' -> 'Yes'.
  11. Log in and verify the update. Click 'Main unit' and look under 'Software versions'.


Be Advised:
When updating from 3.x to 4.x the failsafe is also updated. The failsafe is updated by the SW when booting. This makes the booting takes longer time (up to 5 min). If you don't wait for the failsafe to update, the update function starts over when power up again. This process will continue until the failsafe is updated. This only happens first time. Try to wait longer (eg. 10 minutes).

This video is showing how to upgrade the software on a TDX, from SW3.x to SW4.x.

To download the software, click here: