You need a PC tuner device which support the 'BDA' standard. A 'BDA' driver for this device must then be installed on your PC.

When the tuner device has been installed, you need to install DVB Stream Explorer Standard Editior, which is a tool you can use to record transport streams. It is free to use for a limited time period. You can download it here.

1. At start-up the program ask for 'Driver Selection'.

If you wish to work with DVB-T, please select this in both fields and click 'OK'.


2. Next you have to tune to the desired MUX.
'Frequency' needs to be filled and 'Bandwidth' if needed.

Click 'Apply'.


'Strength' and 'Quality' should now give a readout and 'Lock' should also show as marked.

Click 'OK'.

3. Record a transport stream in the following way.

In the top of the screen choose 'MUX analysis'. Select 'Save entire Transport Stream'.


Write a name for the transport stream and select where to save it, under 'Browse':


Click 'Start' and the recording will start. There won’t be shown any time indication.


Click 'Stop' when you want to stop the recording.
Click 'OK' - The transport stream should now have been saved at the selected location.