The headends is shipped with a Transcend SDHC 4GB Class 4 SD Card. This SD card contains built-in ECC (Error Correction Code) that automatically detects and corrects errors during data transfer, and also utilizes a sophisticated wear-leveling algorithm for consistent long-life operation.

It has the same write cycles as other cards. The difference between highend card and midrange card, is normally Read/Write speeds and temperature ranges. The headend has no need for "high speed" card and the temperature range is within the needed range.

  • Built-in ECC (Error Correction Code) to detect and correct transfer errors.
  • Wear-leveling algorithm for consistent long-life operation.
  • Speed Class Rating 'Class 4'
  • Read Speed 16MB/s / Write Speed Up to 4MB/s
  • Temperature range - 25°C - ~85°C

When replacing this SD Card, you should use a equally good SD Card.