After registering the headend in the PRT (Product Registration Tool) database, the purchased/retrieved licenses must be entered into the headend.

The Purchased licenses are sent to you by e-mail:

To enter the licenses, log in to the headend and open the Admin section -> License handling:

Before entering the first license key, please note the TDX Unique ID (on the headend)  and compare this to the one from the license e-mail (Unique ID shown in Service Tool, before entering ordered License Key(s): D5DB90547FD6 ).

These Unique ID's must be identical for the license keys to be valid.

If these Unique ID's are different from each other, the headend will not accept the license key(s).

Should you experience this, please contact Triax sales support.


The first license in this case will be the "418100 Installation Key - TDX & TDH-800"

Enter the license key and click the Activate button.

Note the Unique ID will change for each license entered.

Repeat this with the rest of the licenses.

The entered license will be shown after each activate process.

Your Triax headend is now activated and the license based features are enabled.