In situations, where you have forgotten your administrator password to the EoC controller, you are forced to do a reset of the password.

Before sw2.0.1.r87

If the controller are running on software below sw2.0.1.r8 (sw1.3.1.r66), you need to contact TRIAX Support. The procedure will be as following:

  1. Make sure, that you have a laptop connected to the setup port (eth1) on the controller.
  2. Have the following software installed on the laptop.
    1. Putty
    2. Teamviewer v. 11 (Get Quick support version here: TRIAX-TW-QS)
  3. Contact TRIAX Support by phone

TRIAX support will access the laptop and reset the admin password, via putty, back to 'admin'.

After reset of the password, please create a new password and take note of it.

sw2.0.1.r87 and above

If the controller is running sw2.0.1.r87 or above, you can reset the password yourself. The procedure will be as following:

  1. Access the controller on https://setup.eoc/ (or
  2. Click on ‘Reset password’.
  3. Enter the serial number of the controller and the new password.
  4. Entering an incorrect serial number will produce an error.
  5. If you enter a password, that is too weak, you will be prompted.
  6. When the password has been changed, you will get a notification.
  7. After the reset procedure, you will be redirected back to the login.

This procedure is meant to be done on-site and you need to be connected on the Setup port (port 1)