TRIAX EoC offers dualband WiFi with excellent coverage. Even thou, the need for disabling WiFi or the Ethernet port on an endpoint might be necessary.

 This can be achieved, by following the guides below.

Disable WiFi

If you wish to shut off WiFi on endpoints, create a new configuration group.

  1. Go to ‘Network’ -> ‘Group Settings’
  2. Add new group
  3. Select no SSID’s
  4. Select desired Ethernet rule
  5. Add endpoint too the “No WiFi” group

Disable Ethernet port

If you wish shutdown ethernet port on endpoint, create new Ethernet rule.

  1. Go to ‘Network’ -> ‘Ethernet Settings’
  2. Add new rule, below Endpoints
  3. Select "None" in ' Access VLAN'
  4. Select "None" in  'Trunk VLAN'
  5. Apply to desired configuration group
  6. Add endpoint too the “No Ethernet” group