When installing TRIAX EoC, there are a couple of things you might want to investigate before the actual installation. The system itself is very easy to install and configure, but depending on the existing coax installation, the result may vary in the end.

This article is a part of a small series of articles, that will help you pre-qualify an installation. The pre-qualification process will increase the quality of the complete installation at the end.

This article is about the documentation of the existing coax installation. 

Before you start the project, we will advise you to locate any existing documentation. It is not unusual to find old and outdated documentation and schematics of the installation. Onsite comparison is recommended since the coax network often is drawn upon creation and not updated when expanded or updated.

If the schematics are old, they will still be able to help you, giving you a starting point. The task is now, to update these schematics so they are up to date. Locate added components, amplifiers and additional strings. As mentioned, an onsite comparison is recommended. Please revisit all strings, there might be variations between them, even thou they look similar in the old documentation.

Not noting the topology of the installation will raise questions during the installation. Will there be a need for segmentation of the coax or port combining? This is also dependant on the expectations on the WiFi coverage. WiFi coverage is a product of the installed endpoints. Therefore is it necessary to have an overview of the number of rooms, public areas, dead spots or other?

Finally, updating the documentation is always recommended. TRIAX has an online documentation tool called DOL (Design Online). Drawing the installation in DOL gives you, besides the documentation in the future, also the calculated attenuation and therefore expected signal levels.

You can find DOL here: DESIGN ONLINE

We would highly recommend that you participate in our TRIAX Academy course “EoC Intermediate”. Further information and registration can be found on our website: TRIAX Academy