When installing TRIAX EoC, there are a couple of things you might want to investigate before the actual installation. The system itself is very easy to install and configure, but depending on the existing coax installation, the result may vary in the end.

This article is a part of a small series of articles, that will help you pre-qualify an installation. The pre-qualification process will increase the quality of the complete installation at the end.

This article is about the WLAN & Site survey upon the installation.

One of the advantages of TRIAX EoC is the build-in dual-band WiFi. But as with other WLAN/WiFi systems, the broadcast range is limited to a certain distance depending on the environment it is installed into (propagation & deterioration).

Current situation

A good starting point is, to talk with the "site owner". In an example, talk with staff/everyday users to clarify their needs. The "staff" get the complaints and knows the current limitations of the actual installation.

Where are the dead-spots and high utilization areas (peak hours)?


To meet the expectations, it is necessary to evaluate the site. Visually inspection can give an experienced installer an idea of the needed endpoint deployment. If in doubt complete a site survey/heatmap. Locate/identify none-WLAN transmitting sources like 2.4GHz transmitters, microwave ovens etc

Existing WLAN/WiFi

Distinct clearly between SSIDs if 2 systems are needed. Reduce interference by utilizing the correct channels on both 2.4GHz & 5GHz. TRIAX EoC does scan the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, to determine the optimal settings for both bands.

Plans for the site

If there are any plans in reconstructing/expanding/repairing the site or part of the site, take into consideration these plans or aware the client of the effect of these plans.

Any reconstruction or changes to the site can have an impact on the finished installation.

We recommend documenting the installation when this is done. Upon delivery, agreed with the site-owner, that the installation meets the requirements.

We would highly recommend that you participate in our TRIAX Academy course “EoC Intermediate”. Further information and registration can be found on our website: TRIAX Academy