The SD-card problems are typically caused by one of two scenarios:

  1. Heat and/or moist is causing bad connection between the SD-card and the socket.
  2. Multiple errors on the headend causing the logfile to be flooded (multiple writes). In worst case, this can corrupt the SD-card (FAT table / file structure).
  3. The headend is continuously busy, and the writing to the log is interrupted.

To remove/fix this error, please "Reinitialize" (format) the SD-card. If running sw. 3.x or 4.x, the format of the SD-card will not affect the operation of the headend (it will continue operation and broadcasting services).

When running sw. 3.x or 4.x, the SD-card is used as a backup for the config, license and system files. These files will automatically be copied to the SD-card after the format.

The Logfile and the update packages are also stored on the SD-card and only on the SD-card. These files will be lost during the format. If needed, please download the logfile before the format.

If the error persists after the SD-card format, the next step is to remove the SD-card and insert it again. This is to clear a possible bad contact between the SD-card and the socket.

The SD-card is placed on the system controller board (power down the headend and remove the cables and the coverplate) :

The last step will be to replace the SD-card.

If replacing the SD-card, the new SD-card should be equal to the old one ( What SD Card does the headend use? )

After replacing the SD-card, the "SD-card error" will appear one time and the SD-card must be "reinitialized" (formatted and data copied to it).