The feature "use special EIT PID" cannot be saved from GUI in sw 4.x.

This is a software bug.

This bug is corrected in software release

The feature converts the Viasat EIT PID 57 to DVB standard EIT PID 18.

Work around: Manipulate the configuration file.

1. Download the configuration file

2. Edit the file (use a text editor like "notepad++" or similar)

3. Find the DVB-S input module that needs the "special EIT PID" in the configuration text and search for : <USEVIASATEPG value="0" />


<ORDER value="0" />
<FREQUENCY value="12015" />
<TRANSPOOLID value="0" />
<SYMBOLRATE value="30000" />
<LNBBAND value="0" />
<LNBVOLTAGE value="3" />
<MODULATION value="64-QAM" />
<USEDEFAULTLNB value="1" />
<SATBAND value="KU" />
<LNBTYPE value="UNI" />
<LOFLOW value="9750" />
<LOFHIGH value="10600" />
<LOFSWITCH value="11700" />
<USEVIASATEPG value="0" />
<SATAPOS value="1" />
<SATBPOS value="1" />
<USEEXTSETTINGS value="0" />
<ORDER value="0" />
<INPUTSERVICEID value="0" />
<POOLSERVICEID value="0" />
<LCNUMBER value="0" />
<HDLCNUMBER value="0" />
<SERVICENAME value="" />
<ORDER value="1" />
<INPUTSERVICEID value="7174" />
<POOLSERVICEID value="7" />
<LCNUMBER value="0" />
<HDLCNUMBER value="0" />
<SERVICENAME value="" />

4. Change the value "0" to "1".  The result should be: <USEVIASATEPG value="1" />  

5. Repeat for all DVB-S input modules where the special EIT PID is needed.

5. Save the config file (remember it is a .xml file) and upload the file to the TDX

6. Reboot using the modified configuration file.