When upgrading your TDX / TDH800 from the early SW1.16.x software version to the latest, you must do that in steps. Please follow this short guide, to avoid any problems in the update process.

Is you are running on a early SW2.x software version, just skip the first update (SW1.16 -> SW2.x).

  1. Upload the latest versions, from each major release. This would be SW1.16.1.27324, SW2.3.1.30912, SW3.3.1.35136 and the latest SW4.x.
  2. Update the system to SW1.16.1.27324, reboot and verify.
  3. Update the system to SW2.3.1.30912, reboot and verify.
  4. Update the system to SW3.3.1.35136, reboot and verify.
  5. Update the system to SW4.x, reboot and verify.

To verify the installation, click 'Main Unit' in the 'System' panel. Check if each installed module, is running the same software version.

To download the latest software, click here:

TDX Black Edition
TDX Grey Edition

The 4.x software is available from our helpdesk/download and requires a login. If you need older versions, please sent a request to Support.

Please read these articles, for further help:

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