The software release offers the possibility to modify the TSID (Transport_stream_ID) and ONID (Original_Network_ID) when configuring IP-out on IP-output modules (SPTS through AUX ports).

Using the previous software versions, the output TSID was set static to 0x00 (0) and the output ONID was set static to 0xABBA (43962).

In software release the default output values for SID, TSID and ONID will be set as the original input.

These output values can be modified (Fields: TSID and ONID added).


When updating a running system to sw., the already configured IP-output TSID and ONID will not set to original input, but they will be "0" and "43962". 

These values can then be modified.

This software release will NOT be downloadable from our website. If the feature is required, please contact the Triax support dept.

The feature will be included in the next servicepack.

Attached you will find the Public release description