First of all: Triax do not support the installation and configuration of the Samsung software. If support is required, please contact the Samsung support center in your area.

Samsung Licenses (Lynk/Sinc) must be ordered through Triax, when ordering/purchasing the TDX simulcrypt license (for Samsung DRM support).

Although we do not support the Samsung software, here is a short guideline:

First of all:  Make sure the system is planned (IP-adresses, IP-ports, server names and so on)

Setup TDX simulcrypt

  1.  Update to minimum TDX sw. 4.2.x.xxxxx
  2.  Purchase an enter the Samsung DRM license
  3. Configure Simulcrypt (CAS system setting)
  4. Configure services to be scrambled using Samsung DRM
    1. Only digital output boards can be used as scrambler ( PAL output board cannot be used)
    2. Services must be scambled on the same board used as output (ie. scrambled on output board in slot 2 -> must be broadcasted by output board in slot 2)

Setup Lynk/Sinc server

  1. Prepare a server running the operating system needed
  2. Install Java Runtime Enviroment
  3. Install Tomcat
  4. Install the Samsung CasServer (Lynk)
  5. Configure the CasServer
  6. Install  the Sinc server 
  7. Configure the Sinc server

Samsung TV must run sw. X-xxxx-1027.x or newer (to support DRM).