A lot of professional CA modules (Conditional Access Modules) can handle up to 10 services.

Never the less, it is the number of PID’s (Packet Identifiers) that sets the limit.

We often see descrambling issues when descrambling more than 20 PID's.

In order to reduce the PID’s, it is possible to filter these in the CA setup.

In this example, I will use the Viasat service “Viasat Nature”.

If I analyse the satellite transponder (using DVB analyser or similar) it shows the service has: 1 Video and 3 Audio PID’s:

When configuring the CA, I select the service “Viasat Nature” and the GUI shows me the module is descrambling 4 PID’s.

It is now possible to tweek / modify the descrambling, by clicking the options.

This will open the descrambling options.

Uncheck the “Descramble non audio/video PID’s” and “Descramble all audio PID’s” and enter the desired language to be descrambled.

There are 6 predefined languages in the dropdown list and if the one you are looking for is missing, simply just enter/type it in.

In this example I have typed in “NOR” for the Norwegian audio track.

It is possible to type in an additional in the field below and again in the field below….

In this exsample, I will only descramble the Norwegian audio track.

Now the TV service is descrambled and the number of PID’s are 2 ( 1 Video PID and 1 Audio PID):

We have now reduced the number of descrambled PID's and this could allow us to configure an extra service on this module.