When setting up the LCN, always remember to set the "country settings" to the be identical on the headend and the TV / settop box.

The actual LCN configuration is straight forward...

Simply just assign a LCN number to the service.

If the number assigned is "0", the service will be placed at the end of the TV/STB channel list.

If using COFDM (dvb-t) output, it is possible to have multiple NIT's (several single headend units) combined into one cable.

You can still use LCN if:

* the NetworkID is the same

* the TS-ID's are unique

* the software version running on the headends are the same

* the country code is the same on all headends

* some receivers might have problems with different NIT versions. In that case, please use static NIT version.

If using QAM (dvb-c) output it is not possible to receive and tune in to multiple NIT's in a cable network.


The TV / STB must support LCN

logical channel number explained : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_channel