There is a bug in the sw. ver. 4.8.1.xxxxx

The submit button stays greyed out and changes to the card speed cannot be saved.

There are 2 options until we launch a new software with corrections:
1. Please downgrade to sw. ver. 4.7.x.  or older.

2. Work around... You can modify the configuration file:
  1. download the configuration file from the headend
  2. open the configuration file in your favorite text editor ( I use Notepad ++  )
  3. find the output board in the configuration and find the CAM in this section
  4. modify the CAMCARDSPEED value to "50", "72" or "96"   ( see picture below)
  5. save the file as "XYZ123_corrected.xml" (this way you will have the original as backup if you have made errors)
  6. upload the file to the headend , select as active and reboot