The TDHI is an HDMI/RCA to IP streamer and is used in combination with the TDX or TDcH headend.

The TDHI IP-output is SPTS  UDP/RTP multicast or UDP/RTP Unicast.

When using the TDHI in combination with the TDX or TDcH, the IP-stream should be: UDP multicast

The TDX and TDcH both require an "IP-input license" to enable the feature on the headend.

See how to retrieve/purchase a license here: Retrieve and purchase a license

Setting up and configuring the TDHI

Default management IP-address: 

Default password: 0000

1. Change password and reboot the device (optional).

2. Configure the network addresses (management and streaming port) and time settings (optional).

3. Connect the HDMI input sources and configure the encoding for the IP-output streams

4. Configure the IP-output streams

Here the Stream_1 is configured as UDP multicast. The multicast IP-address is

Connect the streaming port (IP OUT) to the network switch used to combine the Streamer and the headend.

NOTE. The IP-output multicast stream does NOT include the SDT (Service Description Table) meaning we will have to enter the service name manually when configuring the receiving headend.

Configuring IP-input on the TDX

See this article : TDX IP-input configuration

Configuring IP-input on the TDcH

see this article: TDcH IPTV input configuration