This video explains you how to purchase a new license or how you retrieve a license already purchased from the Product Registration Tool (PRT).

The PRT is accessed by logging into the Triax website -> Support & Service  ( select Product licenses ) -> Login and go to "Product Registration"

The video shows how to purchase a license using the 'Equipment file'.
If in doubt how to retrieve the equipment file, please see these articles :  

TDX/TDH : How to extract the 'Equiptment File' (EF)   or   TDcH : How to extract the 'Equiptment File' (EF)


Licenses used for the TDX / TDH are a sequence of letters and numbers that has to be entered.

During the first 30 days of operation, the headend will be in Trial mode, meaning all license based features (IPTV-out, SNMP, PID management and more) are available and activated.

When purchasing licenses to a headend still in trial mode, the first license key should always be the "418100 Installation key".

This Installation key will end/terminate the trial mode and activate the headend.

The "418100 Installation key" is for free (no cost).

It is possible to purchase several license keys during a single login / single upload of the equipment file.

Simply click the "Add new license" after accepting the Software and license key ....terms of service and the drop down list appears.

When you have purchased the licenses, you will have to click the "Save Solution". This will end the purchase mode and you will have to enter an email address (to receive the license keys).

If you forgot to purchase a license, you will have to login again, edit the solution and upload a new equipmentfile.

This new equipment file must be downloaded AFTER installing the new licenses (the uniqueID is changing for each license).

Remember to enter/install the license keys to the headend in the same order as purchased.

Important:  if you have configured IP-out using the trial licenses, the IP-out configuration will be lost when activating  the headend.

Please save the configuration file before activating the headend. This enables you to upload the saved configuration after activating the headend and keep the IP-out configuration.

If you chose NOT to end the trial mode/activate the headend, the headend will reboot on day 31.

After this reboot the trial based features will be deactivated and an "activate reminder" will show up upon every login.

The headends basic functions will be OK and functional.


Licenses used for the TDcH are files in the JSON format.

The TDcH has no Trial mode and you should NOT use the "418100 Installation key"