This article covers both TDX and TDH.

If a software update fails the headend will boot into failsafe. From failsafe mode it is possible to perform a software update.

It is also possible to downgrade software from one major release to the previous (fx. from sw. 5.1.x to 4.9.x).

If you have access to the headend, failsafe can be triggered with the URL :  http://[management IP-address]/failsafe 

ex.  http://

You can also force the system, to boot into Failsafe mode using the rotary switch.

This function was added in sw. version


  1. Set ID Switch to 6.
  2. Reboot TDX.
  3. Wait for the 4 front LEDS to blink red.
  4. Set ID Switch to 1.
  5. The 1st diode should slowly blink followed by fast blinking green.
  6. Wait for diode to turn solid green.
  7. Set ID Switch back to original position.
  8. Reboot.

For more info on failsafe, please see this article : What Is Failsafe?