Failsafe = safe mode

When you software update any system, there will always be a risk of failure. When upgrading the headend, this can happen as well.

If the upgrade fails, the headend will boot into the 'Failsafe mode'.


In Failsafe, there is very limited possibilities.There's a overview of the Main unit and sub units status.

You can still click on the different units, to get the complete status, of the unit.


Clicking on 'Admin', takes you to the Admin panel. The possibilities are also limited here.


The functionalities are:

  • Save the logfile to your computer.
  • Change the software
  • Reboot

If you need to force the system into failsafe, please see this article: How to force the headend in failsafe mode

Getting out of Failsafe

The only way, to get out of failsafe, is to do a additional / new update. Do this, from the Admin panel.