(During software update, the 'signal' LED on the endpoints will flash. When the update is done, the 'signal' LED will be solid)

Before upgrading/downgrading the EoC controller, please read this article about software versions: Guidelines regarding software upgrade on EoC

This article describes, how to update both the EoC Controller and the connected endpoints.

This procedure is for both the EoC Controller (64/4) and the EoC Controller (32/2) system.

Updating the software should be done in "major revision" steps. This means, that updating the software from ie. v0.0.r53 to v2.0.1.r87 requires you to update to v1.3.1.r66 before updating to v2.0.1.r87.

Note: If you replace a controller in production environment, you would prefer to install a controller running on the same software version as the one you are replacing. If you install a controller running on a software version higher OR lower then the running controller, the endpoint will acquire the version on the connected controller, resulting in an upgrade or downgrade!

In this example, we will update the software on a complete system, running on sw1.2.1.r.64 to sw.1.3.1.r66.

1. First you need to download the software, from the website (Ie.

2. Navigate to 'System' -> 'Software update' and upload the software.

3. Start the upgrade process. Be patient, the process takes time.

4. When the process is done, the controller will ask for a reboot. Click 'Return'

5. Login and verify, that the controller is updated.

6. The controller will now push the software to the endpoints, which then will be updated and rebooted (appear ' offline ' shortly). The endpoints will appear as ' updating ' when they are in the updating process. DO NOT REMOVE POWER SUPPLY FROM CONTROLLER OR ENDPOINTS DURING THIS PART OF THE PROCESS!

7. When all the endpoint is done, they will have the same software version, as the controller. The endpoints will appear as ' ok  '

Remember: If you connect a new endpoint, it will automatically be upgraded/downgrade to the same version, as the controller.