The MCT 049 measurement tool has the possibility to store and utilize a configuration file containing DVB-T Mux, DVB-C Mux and SAT transponder information. 

Note: The configuration file is created to be used in Denmark by installers.

Uploading the configuration file 

Download and save the File Triax_DK_MCT_049_v4_2020-06-23 and unpack the file to a USB stick. Insert the USB stick in the top of the instrument.


1. Navigate to "Configuration".

2. Choose "Configuration import".

3. Confirm the Import (this will overwrite the existing configuration ) 

The configuration software - TR7837

You can create new or edit existing configuration files with the TR7837 editor.
This software is available for Windows here: TR7837

The manual for the configurations software can be downloaded here: TRIAX-TR873 Manual (UK)