Default management IP Address

The default management IP-address of the TDcH is :
You must make sure your computer is on the same network, in order to access the TDX / TDH800.

Default Password

The default password is : triax1234

Changing Your Computers IP-Address

If necessary, you can change your computer's IP-address to a static IP address.
You need to select an IP-address in the same network scope, that is not in use (eg.

If you don't know how to change the IP-address, follow one of these Windows guides, to change the IP-address: "Change TCP/IP settings" or "How to assign a static IP-address"

HowTo reset the management IP Address and password to default

If you for some reason don't know the management IP-address or the password of an headend, it can be reset to the default by using the factory reset function.