TDcH (compact headend)

Link:  Sw ver 2.2.0 

Link:  Sw ver 2.1.0  

Link: Sw ver 2.0.0

Release notes

---- ---- ---- Version 2.2.0 ---- ---- ---- 

 Release date: 2021.10.27

 - New feature: Support for DVB-S2X

 - New feature: NIT OTHER

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---- ---- ---- Version 2.1.0 ---- ---- ---- 

 Release date: 2021.09.10  

- New feature: SCR support

 - New feature: LOF can be changed

 - New Feature: Possible to set NIT and SDT version number manually

 - Fixed: When rebooting the TDcH, sometimes tuners fail to lock

 - Fixed: PCR correction for COFDM output

 - Fixed: CAM: PMT was not reset correctly with ER

 - Fixed: CAM: CA module was not reset in rare case at power on 


---- ---- ---- Version 2.0.0 ---- ---- ---- 

 Release date: 2021.07.08  

 - New feature: Support for new TDcH variants 492781 TDcH-16S-I and 492782 TDcH-22STC-I.

 - New feature: DVB-T2/C feature for TDcH variants supporting DVB-T2/C (492782).

 - New feature: Option for select either QAM or COFDM modulation at the output for variants 492781 and 492782.

 - New feature: Option for Muxing (Pool/service mode) with LCN or 100% transparent direct routing (transparent mode) where no tables are changed (no LCN support for transparent mode).

 - New feature: Option for configure EIT settings.

 - New feature: PID handling with PID filtering option for filtering elementary streams.

 - New feature: Services can now be duplicated within one output stream, so a service e.g. can exist multiple times with different audio languages. Multiple PMT exist, pointing at common elementary streams for the duplicated services. Elementary streams like video will only exist once, so the payload only very limited increase. 

 - New feature: Service ID (SID), Transport Stream ID (TSID) and Original Network ID (ONID) can now be set.

 - New feature: Option for choosing French,German or English language in the GUI.

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