In some rare cases, it's necessary to completely erase the internal flash (spansion0) on the headend.

Please contact support before doing this.

Perform only this procedure, if advised by support.

Remember! Before you perform this procedure, do make a backup of your configuration..

This function was added in version


  1. Set ID Switch to 6.(notice the original position)
  2. Reboot headend.
  3. Wait for the 4 front LED's to blink red.
  4. Set ID Switch to 2.
  5. The 2nd LED should slowly blink green, followed by fast blinking green, after some seconds.
  6. Wait for the LED to turn solid green.
  7. Set the ID Switch back to the original position.
  8. Reboot.
  9. The headend will now copy the firmware and configuration from the SD Card.