When you export the 'Service List' from the headend, you might want to open it in Microsoft Excel. In software 4.x (up to, the delimiter is changed from ; (semicolon) to , (comma).

Microsoft Excel does not use , (comma) as the default delimiter, when it comes to .csv files. It is a bit weird, because 'csv' stands for 'Comma Separated Values'.

If you try to open a service.csv directly in Microsoft Excel, you will get this result:


This is not 'Human Readable'. There are 3 workarounds, to this 'problem'.

1. Import the file, into Microsoft Excel

The first one, is properly the most common way, to fix this problem. But it's also the most complex way.

1. Open Microsoft Excel and create a blank/new sheet.

2. Go to the 'Data' tab and select 'From text' in Get External Data


3. Locate the service.csv file and click 'Import'.

4. Select 'Delimited' and select 'My data has headers'. Click 'Next >'.


5. Deselect 'Tab' and select 'Comma'. Click 'Finish'.


6. Click 'OK' to import the data.


2. Edit the service.csv file, adding 'sep' definition

The second one, is properly the easiest way, to fix this problem. But it will add a line in the top of the sheet, if you open the file in eg. OpenOffice.

1. Right-click the service.csv file and click on 'Edit'. This will open the file in Notepad. Otherwise, select 'Open with' and then 'Notepad'


2. Insert the following line, in top of the file. It's important, that's in a new line. Remember to save the file.





3. Now you can open service.csv directly into Microsoft Excel.

3. Using OpenOffice or LibreOffice

The third one, requires you to install OpenOffice or LibreOffice. You can download LibreOffice or OpenOffice for free for Windows, Linux, or Mac. LibreOffice has been developing more quickly and releasing new versions more frequently then OpenOffice.

Links : LibreOffice / OpenOffice

If you have Microsoft Excel installed, you need to Right-click the service.csv file and select 'Open with' and then eg. 'LibreOffice Calc'. Otherwise, you can just doppeltclick the file.