This article will describe, how to perform a complete 'Factory Reset' of a TDX / TDH800. This will only work on systems running SW 3.x or newer.

If you need a backup of the configuration, please do this now. There is a short guide here : How to save/backup my configuration

The factory reset will clear:

  • Internal flash memory
  • Configuration
  • Licenses
  • Password (will be set to default "triax1234")

The factory reset will NOT clear:

  • The management IP-address (this is to avoid network problems)

If you need to reset the management IP-address to default (, please see this page: Default IP address

Flash Erase

We will start with erasing the system.xml, Licenses files and configuration.

Note! This will erase all content on the SD Card and on the headend.

This is done with an empty file with no extension. This file is called '__force_flash_format__'.

This file you can create yourself - remember, no extension. The file is also attached to this article, for you to download (At the bottom of the article).

1. Turn of the headend and remove the plate covering the fans and SD Card.

2. Remove the SD Card, by pushing it gently and releasing it. The SD Card will pop out. You can now remove it from the headend.

3. Format the SD Card - as FAT32, using default values.

4. Download the '__force_flash_format__' (or create it yourself) and copy it, the the SD Card on your computer.

5. Insert the SD Card into the headend. Power on the headend.

6. Wait  for the headend, to boot up. Pay attention to the LEDs. After ~60 seconds, the headend will do a additional reboot.

7. The headend will now boot up into 'Failsafe mode'. Upload the desired software to the headend (we always recommend the latest version), and activate it. If you do not know how to do this, please read this article (Getting out of Failsafe): What is failsafe?

The headend is now back to default. The only settings, that this procedure haven't altered, is the management IP address.

Reset IP Address

If you want to set the management IP address, back to default. Please read this article : Default IP address